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24th March 2009

7:49am: pool girl
This weekend I was hanging out at a public swimming pool near where I live. After a couple hours in the pool, I showered and just hung around in the locker room, naked, drying myself and putting on lotion.

After a few minutes, this beautiful young redhead girl sits down on the bench near me. She takes off her bikini top, and I can see her checking me out as I spread lotion on my tummy and tits. I figure I have a good chance for a hook-up, so I ask her if she'll put lotion on my back. Oldest game in the book, I know. But hey, if it works...

She says sure, and I lie down on the bench. She works lotion into my back, starting with the shoulders and gradually working down. She's taking her time. She does my sides, too, and runs her hands casually along the sides of my boobs as she goes. When she gets to the small of my back, she bends over to whisper in my ear. (I can feel her soft boobs against my back.) "You want me to do your butt too?"

"Sure" I answer. She starts working my butt cheeks now, and it feels so good.

"You have a gorgeous ass," she says. I'm getting really wet at this point, and I spread my legs a little to encourage her. I feel a finger slide down the crack between my cheeks, and run gently over my asshole. Then she has her hand in my crotch, and starts fingering my slit. I moan to let her know how much I'm loving it.

Before long, she has two fingers up my cunt. She's rubbing my ass with her free hand, and then I feel her finger opening my asshole and penetrating me. I come right then, shuddering.

I sit up and we kiss. I cup one of her beautiful round boobs in my hand and caress it. Then I slide my hand down her tummy and inside her bikini bottom. I feel her shaved pussy and my fingers find her clit. I start working it, still kissing her. Other women in the locker room have noticed us, but they don't say anything.

I'm now running fingers up and down her pussy, playing with her clit and then dipping into her cunt for juices. When she comes, she hugs me really hard, like she needs to hold on to something.

It was such a turn-on to share a finger fuck with a girl I just met, in a public place even. Her name is Shelly. We exchanged phone numbers. I can't wait to hook up with her again, so I can eat her out and we can be as noisy as we want.
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10th March 2009

6:56am: satisfaction
I got fucked five times yesterday, by three different guys. My cunt's sore, but I'm a happy girl.
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9th March 2009

2:53pm: horny as hell
Damn this time change thing. Mike overslept and didn't get to fuck me before leaving the house. I want it so bad now. Booty call time, I guess. I really need a dick up my cunt.
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6th March 2009

8:01am: sexy story from last summer
This happened last summer, but it still makes me hot when I think about it, so I thought I'd share.

I ran into a friend of mine from high school, Bridget. She invited me and Mike over for dinner so we could catch up. She lives with her mom - can't afford rent on the income from her part-time job.

Anyway, Bridget and her mom made us this wonderful meal, wine and everything. We talked a lot about what we had done since high school. The sun had just gone down, and Bridget's mom (her name is Lynn) suggested we take a dip in the swimming pool. I said Mike and I didn't bring suits. She said "No problem, we usually swim nude anyway." Then she stood up and unzipped the black dress she was wearing. She wasn't wearing any underwear at all. Her body was gorgeous, considering she must be about 40. Trim and lean (she works out every day, I learned), with a deep all-over tan. Her boobs were small and round, with dark brown nipples. She has a beautiful thick black bush.

As she walked out to the pool, Mike, Bridget, and I stripped off too. I'd been naked with Bridget before (in high school, we had masturbated together, sometimes went down on each other), but it was a thrill to see her again: smooth, creamy skin, round soft boobs and ass. Mike had a partial erection. Bridget smiled and said, "You got yourself a sexy guy, you know."

We swam for maybe half an hour. I kept teasing Mike by rubbing up against him in the water. It was starting to get dark. We toweled off and went inside, still naked. Mike and I sat on some big pillows on the floor, Bridget and her mom were on the couch. Mike and I started kissing, and I played played with his hard-on, trying not to be to obvious about it. After a few minutes, Bridget and her mom went into the kitchen to clean up. As soon as they left, I went down on Mike, playing with his balls while I sucked him. I was incredibly horny, and really squeezing his big dick between my lips.

Bridget and Lynn came back in. "Jeez," said Lynn. Mike mumbled an apology. Bridget settled onto the couch saying "Don't apologize. I want to watch!" It made me even hornier, with my friend and her mom watching while I gave Mike a blowjob on the living room floor. Mike's hands found my pussy and he started finger fucking me. When I couldn't stand it any more, I took his dick out of my mouth and told him I needed to fuck. He turned me around and started fucking me doggy style. Damn, it felt good.

Bridget was masturbating furiously. Lynn got up and left the room. I thought maybe she'd had enough, but she came a minute later with a huge dildo. She got on the couch again, but kneeling instead on sitting, and pushed the dildo up her cunt, moaning. After a few strokes, she passed the dildo to her daughter.

"Oh god," I said. "I'm so turned on. I want it in the ass now, Mike, come on!"

He pulled his dick out of my cunt and pushed me flat on the floor. Then I felt his huge cock spreading my asshole open. I shuddered and moaned. He pushed in, deeper and deeper.

Lynn had the dildo again. "Oh, that is so hot. I haven't had anal in two years. I want it so bad."

I said, "Mike, why don't you give her what she wants." That was all the encouragement they needed. Lynn lay down on the floor next to me. Mike pulled his cock out of my ass and took a couple strokes up my cunt for lube, then kneeled over Lynn and spread her brown ass cheeks apart, teasing her hole with the tip of his dick.

"Put it in," she whimpered. She moaned loudly as he penetrated her, then shuddered in orgasm. I masturbated to a climax watching Mike fuck her tight ass. Bridget got herself off too, panting and screaming. Lynn had a second orgasm, and Mike pulled his dick out and shot gobs of come all over her butt and back.

We rested for a while, and then noticed it was after 10. Lynn asked us to spend the night, and we agreed. Bridget said she wanted Mike in her room, so I went to bed with Lynn. We could hear Mike and Bridget going at it in the next room. I know Bridget likes really hard fucks, and Mike can certainly get into that too. There was moaning and screaming, and the bed frame pounding against the wall.

Lynn and I were spooning; I was on the outside, running my hands up and down her body, teasing her nipples, and gently brushing my naked body along her back. My hands found her pussy, and I started gently playing with her pussy hair and fingering her clit.

There was screaming and grunting in the next room as Mike and Bridget got off. Lynn moaned and turned over, going down on me. She gave me incredible head, and then I returned the favor.

It was a wonderful night, sleeping mixed with sex. I heard Mike and Bridget fucking at least three more times during the night.

It was late morning when we finally got up. Mike and I were still naked. Bridget had put on a baggy night shirt, and her mom was making breakfrast, wearing a little blue silk thong.

Mike was hard again. I saw he was watching Lynn as she worked in the kitchen. When she came out to set the table, Mike came up from behind her, and ran his hands all over her body. He grapsed her breasts in his hands and pressed against her, his hard-on nestled in the crack between her butt cheeks.

"Do me right here," she said, and Mike bent her over the breakfast table, jerked her thong off, and fucked her cunt, deep and slow. I felt Bridget's hands on my ass, and soon her fingers were in my pussy. We went to the couch and enjoyed a nice long 69. There was a loud moan when Lynn got off. I glanced over and saw that Mike hadn't come yet; Lynn was kneeling down to blow him.

Bridget and I enjoyed three or four orgasms on the couch before stopping for breakfast.

Mike had to work that afternoon, so we had to cut things short. It was a great time, and we repeated it several times over the summer.
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29th October 2008

7:55am: sex questionnaire - voyeurism
I'll be posting some of these on different subjects. I'll share my own answers too, so don't be shy!

1. Your age

2. Your sex

3. Your sexual orientation

4. Have you ever watched someone who was naked or undressing without their knowing it?

If yes, describe the first time you remember, and the most recent time.

5. Have you ever caught someone masturbating (or watched secretly)? Relative? Friend? Stranger?

6. Have you ever watched someone having sex without their knowing it?

If yes, describe the first time you remember, and the most recent time.

7. Have you ever watched someone having sex, when they knew you were watching? Did they invite you to watch, or did it come about accidentally or spontaneously?

8. Have you ever deliberately arranged to watch someone having sex? If yes, describe the most recent time.

9. Have you ever secretly watched someone having sex or masturbating, and joined in?
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27th October 2008

1:51pm: What a morning!
I had some really great sex this morning. First off, Mike got in the shower with me and ate me out until I got off. It was fantastic - warm water running down my back, his hands caressing my ass, and his tongue on my clit.

He went to work, and an hour later I was super horny again. I thought of asking one of my girlfriends over, but what I really wanted was a good long fuck. So I thought of the guys I've been doing lately, and decided to visit Chuck. We met earlier this summer, and I've screwed him a few times since. I thought it would be fun to surprise him, so I pulled on a pair of really skimpy cut-offs and a white silk blouse that I left mostly unbuttoned.

When I got to Chuck's place, he answered the door, and we tongue-kissed in the doorway for a while. Then I noticed he had company! There was a big, 30-something guy with a beard sitting in the living room. Chuck introduced us; his name was Darien. Apparently, they weren't doing anything special, just hanging out and talking. Chuck sat down on the sofa. I sat next to him, kicked off my sandals, and put my legs up on his lap.

Darien stared at my legs and my open blouse. "I didn't know you had such hot looking friends." Chuck just grinned. I started running my bare foot up and down his thigh.

"Hey - you know I can leave if you two want to be alone," said Darien, but he didn't take his eyes off me.

"What's the matter?" I said. "Is this making you uncomfortable?"

"It's making me horny!"

"Nothing wrong with being horny," I said, and slid my hand into my cutoffs and started rubbing my pussy.

"Jesus" said Darien.

I could see a big bulge in his pants. "Chuck, looks like your friend's got a hard-on."

"I know *I* do," said Chuck. He took my foot and rubbed it on his crotch.

"That's what I was hoping," I said. I got off the couch and kneeled down in front of Chuck. I unzipped him and pulled his dick out. It was really stiff and thick. Being sure that Darien could see all the action, I started lovingly licking Chuck's balls, and then gradually worked my way up the underside of his shaft.

"Holy shit" said Damien, as I took Chuck's big cock head into my mouth.

The next thing I knew, Darien was kneeling behind me, running his hands up and down my bare midriff. He started fondling my breasts through the blouse. It felt incredible, especially exciting because I couldn't see him. Then I felt him unbuttoning my blouse and cupping my tits in his big hands. He started rolling my nipples between his fingers. I was in heaven.

Next his hands were in my shorts, running over my butt and petting my bush. I pulled the cutoffs down to my knees, and I heard the sound of Darien unzipping and dropping his pants behind me. I was so ready.

His cock slid into my cunt in one smooth motion, and then he was fucking me hard. It turns me on when a guy is so hungry for sex that he just pounds my cunt like he's out of control. Chuck was really turned on watching Darien do me, and with a loud moan, he shot a load of warm, salty cum into my mouth.

I got off next, with a shattering, whole-body orgasm. Darien grabbed me, pulled his dick out, and pushed me flat on the floor. He shot his load all over my butt.

I sure doing enjoy making new friends. :D
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15th October 2008

8:21am: back again
Wow - been more than two years since I posted. No particular reason, just got doing other things and then forgot about it.

We moved to a new house last year. We're still living the same lifestyle and loving it! I enjoy sex whenever I feel like it, with whoever turns me on.

More later.

28th July 2006

10:19am: day to day
These adventures have really changed my lifestyle. I hardly ever wear clothes around the house anymore, except maybe a thong. (Gave the UPS guy an eyeful yesterday!) My girlfriends usually strip off when they come over too. I've had pussy to eat every day for two weeks straight. And Mike loves it too - two or three naked girls around the house most of the time, and all of them happy to do him whenever he gets hard.
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27th July 2006

7:44pm: Mike and Ricky
Gee, it's been to long since I updated.

Last week, I told Mike I'd been to Ricky's to get fucked three times since the party. I wasn't sure how he'd take it, but he just started laughing. Turns out he's been screwing Becky at lunch time just about every day. Hard to explain, but we both thought this was hysterical.

Later, he told me he wanted to watch while Ricky fucks me. I didn't waste any time - phoned Ricky and asked him to come over. Mike said he wanted to see me act and talk like a slut with Ricky. We were both getting turned on waiting, so I took off my shorts and asked Mike to eat me out while we were waiting for Ricky to come. So when the doorbell rang, I answered it wearing nothing but a tank top, my bush all wet with my juices and Mike's saliva.

I kissed Ricky on the mouth and then got on my knees and yanked his running shorts down. He has already huge and stiff. I had planned to suck him, but instead I pulled him onto the floor in front of the couch where Mike was sitting. "Come on!" I said, almost shouting. "I want your fucking cock shoved up my cunt right now." I straddled him, gripped his hard-on with both hands, and shoved it in as I pushed my hips down until my pussy was grinding into him.

Mike, who had quickly gotten naked, moaned and said, "oh yes, Annie, fuck him good, fuck him good!"

Ricky enjoyed our encouragement, but hardly needed it. He had grabbed my hips and was thrusting hard and deep. Before long, Mike got on the floor with us. He started kissing my ass, and soon I felt his tongue probing my asshole. Then his cock was there, opening me.

I was getting fucked in the cunt and the ass at the same time! Ladies, if you've never taken it in both holes at once, you don't know what you're missing. It was incredible. In just a few minutes, I was having a wild orgasm, which turned the guys on something fierce, and they both shot their loads. We collapsed on the floor. My crotch was sopping with come and juices, and I felt like I was going to pass out.

A new experience - and I one I'll never forget.
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18th July 2006

7:41am: Ricky
For days after the fourth of July party, I couldn't stop fantasizing about Ricky - about his dick, actually. I wanted to feel that huge cock filling me up again. Finally, last Monday, I got up the courage to do something about it. I called him on the phone and just told him straight out that I wanted his dick. He said I was the best pussy he'd had in months, and he would do me any time.

I went over to his place, dressed in a short, thin summer dress with no underwear. I was wet with anticipation by the time I got there. He opened the door with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. I reached under the towel and started fondling his dick. In less than a minute he had me bent over his kitchen table, his cock stuffed up my cunt. He shot his load quickly, and then we got on the floor and I sucked him until he was hard and then rode him until I got off.

I've gone back to his place twice since then. We don't talk or kiss or anything, just fuck like animals. I love it. I'll have to tell Mike soon.
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7th July 2006

7:22am: the party
I mentioned before how we were going to have a fourth of July party, and how Mike and I had talked about wanting to have it be "uninhibited".

But there was a problem. We came close to having a real fight about it on Monday. Mike had already invited a guy friend of his (Ricky). I was pissed because I knew my girlfriends wouldn't want to loosen up and be sexy around some guy they hardly know. I wanted Mike to tell him not to come. He said he couldn't do that, it would just be too rude. And Ricky had said we was bringing a date too, so he had already planned on it - not just a casual "maybe show up" kind of thing.

"He's a good guy," said Mike. "And maybe he'll get into it...your girlfriends can get into it, how come my guy friends can't?"

"Oh come on," I said, "guys are different. They want to fuck anything in sight, and we don't know where Ricky's been or anything. If he's there, nothing is going to happen, I can guarantee it."

"Well, he's clean, if that's the problem. Got tested in June. Why don't you just talk to your friends and see what they think about it?"

"Because it'll make me feel like a pimp!"

Well, you get the idea. We went around about it for over an hour.

I called Becky and gave her the whole scoop. She basically agreed with me, but said that it might be OK. It would just depend on what Ricky was like and whether things felt comfortable or not. She also suggested that she could stay on after Ricky and his date went home. We decided we could just see how it goes, and if the party didn't get sexy, it wouldn't be the end of the world - we'd have other opportunities. I called Michelle too. Her first reaction was "no way!" but when I told her what Becky had said she agreed she would show up and just see how things go.

I was more worried about Kim. About her: We went to school together; she was my best friend in junior high. We've been having sex together since we were thirteen. Whenever she had a boyfriend, she would tell me we had to stop, so we'd make a rule about how far we should go together, and then always break it within a week or two. She's really sweet in bed - very slow and sensual. She likes to give all-over tongue baths. mmmm....

Anyway, she was out of town on Monday, and I couldn't reach her by phone. I'd asked her to come early to help me get ready for the party, and it started to look like that would be my first chance to talk with her. To make matters worse, I hadn't even told her yet about my coming out to Mike and the threesome stuff.

Sure enough. I met her at the door in my underwear and caressed her face and tongue-kissed her. "Isn't Mike here?" she said.

"Yes, he's here. I need to talk with you about that." When I told her what Mike and I had been doing with Becky and Michelle, you should have seen the look on her face. "Oh - my - god. I need to sit down."

She had lots of questions, and the more we talked about, the more interested she got. Then I told her what was up with the party. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to - I know this is lot to get used to."

Then she blushed completely red. "Anne, I never told you, but - I did this a couple times before. A sex party, I mean. Three couples."

"and..." I wanted to hear more.

"...and it was fucking amazing. I got - I - " she stammered. "I had three guys in me at once." Then we both started laughing.

"So I guess you're staying" I said after we came back to earth.

Becky arrived, wearing a sexy little top with some of the buttons open. Then came Ricky and his date, a petite Japanese girl named Susie. Ricky is black and over six feet tall. I had to resist a giggle - not your typical couple. We brought out beer and wine and snacks and a bit later Michelle showed up. We put on some music and just sat around talking and telling jokes for a while. Michelle and Kim were having a private conversation in the kitchen, and giggling a lot.

Kim went off to the bathroom, and shouted "turn the music up!" on her way. Mike got up and did as she asked. Kim came out of the bathroom. She had taken her jeans off, and was wearing just panties and a tank top. She grabbed Michelle and they started dancing in the middle of the living room, grinning at each other. By the end of the first song, they were both topless and shaking their boobs around so everyone got a good view. Mike whistled. Ricky just sat there with a big grin on his face. Susie looked confused. During the next song, Michelle lost her skirt, leaving her in just a thong. She played it up too, rubbing her ass cheeks while she danced. Then the two of them started groping each other.

At that point, I couldn't take it any more. I got naked and sat on Mike's lap, grinding into him. I looked over and saw Ricky trying to look inconspicuous as he rubbed himself through his shorts. Becky was talking with Susie. I was worried there might be a problem, so I left Mike on the couch and went to join them. I caught a few words, and then looked at Susie and said, "I really sorry about this - I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. We're having fun, that's all. But I know it must feel strange to have all these girls undressing in front of your boyfriend." When I said "undressing", her eyes ran up and down my naked body.

"Ricky's not my boyfriend," she said, "we've just gone out once or twice, nothing serious. It's just - I don't think I'm up for joining in, but I'd feel really nasty asking Ricky to drive me home and spoiling his fun."

Becky offered to drive her home, and I breathed a sigh of relief. By this time, all pretense of dancing was long gone. Kim was devouring Michelle's pussy, the two of them sprawled on the floor, with Mike and Ricky staring intensely. Mike had his dick out of his pants and was stroking it. Ricky still had his shorts on. I went up to him and ran my hand down his chest. "My girlfriends turn you on?"

"Shit yeah." I ran my hand up his leg and into his shorts. When I felt his cock through his underwear, my mouth went dry. He was huge. I always thought the "black guys with huge dicks" thing was a stupid porn cliche or something, but this was the real thing. He moaned when I touched him.

Without asking, I pulled off his shorts and underwear. His cock must be at least nine inches long and THICK and it was completely hard. I instinctively started stroking, and he moaned and whimpered. Mike was now watching us instead of the girls, and I could tell how turned on he was. I got up and whispered in Ricky's ear, "I'm going to the bedroom. I'll let you fuck me if you want." He walked right behind me, with his arms around me, groping my tits and pussy, and that enormous hard dick pushed up against my ass. I signalled to Mike to follow us.

He penetrated me immediately, and the sensation was incredible. I couldn't take his whole length at first, but his strokes loosened me up - and made me sopping wet. He slid in all the way, and I moaned when I felt his balls against my wet groin. Mike sat next to the bed, stroking himself deliriously.

Ricky was amazing. I imagined he's just bang me hard and come, but the guy has incredible staying power. He just kept fucking away at me with that gigantic cock. We changed positions four or five times, and she still kept at it. Mike actually came before Ricky did. We ended up with me on my back, Ricky holding my legs out spread as far as they would go, and ploughing into me like there was no tomorrow. He started to groan, pulled out, and gushed his cream all over my belly and tits. I was completely drenched in sweat, come, and my own juices.

Becky got back and found us on the bed, too drained to move. But the party was still going, and the six of us stayed at it for hours. Mike dropped and went to sleep after a fuck from Kim and a blowjob from Michelle. Ricky kept coming back for more. He fucked every girl there, I swear. I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, Mike and Becky were in bed next to me. He was eating her out, and she was getting off on it. Everyone else had gone home.

I realized we'd forgotten to go outside and watch the fireworks.
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4th July 2006

8:04am: update
Hi everyone,

I was visiting family this weekend so didn't get a chance to post.

Mike and I had a really good talk on Thursday. I don't think we will have to worry about jealousy at all. It turns out that Mike has always really wanted a sexually open relationship like we have now. She says he's craved it for years, but never wanted to suggest it to a girlfriend because he didn't want it to seem like he just wanted to do other women instead of committing. But since I initiated it, he knows it's something I want too, and we're both happy. I feel so close to him now - it's like we've shared a secret, and we have this really deep thing in common between us now.

After talking, Mike suggested inviting Becky over again. I know some of you get hot when I post details, and it turns me on to share this stuff, so here goes. I decided to enjoy the feeling of being uninhibited, so I phoned Becky and just said "Hi, it's Anne. Mike and I are feeling horny. You want to come over and get off with us?"

I was giving Mike a blowjob on the living room couch when the doorbell rang. I let Becky in, and squealed in delight when I saw what she was wearing. I couldn't believe she'd driven over in nothing but a light summer blouse that was completely open except for the bottom button and her shortest black skirt, and sandals. No bra, no panties. "You like the look?" she asked, grinning ear to ear. I responded by sliding the fabric of her blouse over one of her breasts and taking her nipple into my mouth. I slipped my hands up her skirt and started caressing her ass.

After a few minutes of this, she noticed Mike on the couch, watching us and stroking his hard-on. She went over to him and dropped to her knees. "I couldn't stop thinking about your dick all week" she purred, and started stroking and licking him. I kneeled behind her, running my hands all over her body while she gave him head. We enjoyed this for awhile, and then Mike got up and led us into the bedroom. He gently tossed Becky on the bed, spread her legs apart, and without wasting a moment slid his hard dick up her cunt. She still had her blouse and skirt on.

This is the third time I'd watched Mike fuck another girl, and I can't describe how much it turns me on. It's a completely different thing than when he fucks me. It feels voyeuristic, but also incredibly intimate, liking he's sharing something with me that we couldn't share any other way. I got into bed with them and started licking his balls while the two of them screwed. Mike likes to have his balls fondled when we fuck, so I guessed that licking would drive him nuts. It did. Encouraged, I started running my tongue all over: his balls, his asshole, down to Becky's asshole, and as much of her pussy as I could get to. Mike started stroking slower, and I would lick his shaft whenever he was part way out of her. At one point, I actually had the tip of my tongue up her cunt along with Mike's cock. Becky could feel it - she started moaning "Holy shit - I can't believe this." It didn't take them long to get off after that.

Becky went down on me then, taking her time and being very affectionate. Mike watched, and after a few minutes rearranged himself so he could kiss Becky's pussy. We ended up in a triangle, with his dick getting hard in my mouth.

She couldn't spend the night, and I needed to get up early on Friday to start my trip, but we all got what we wanted. After she left, Mike and I curled up into the sweetest, softest cuddle you can imagine, and drifted off to sleep in each others' arms.

This afternoon, we're having a fourth of July party here, and all three of my girlfriends are coming. (I haven't written about Kim yet, but hope to have something to share soon!) Mike and I both think it would be fun to get some people turned on at the party and see what happens.

More later.

Hugs, Anne
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27th June 2006

4:18am: horny all day
Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. It's great to feel accepted.

I was horny all day yesterday. I masturbated five times. When Mike got home I practically ripped the pants off the guy. I sucked him until he was really hard, then took his cock up my asshole. (When I'm really, really horny I love anal.) He pumped me really hard, and then after he ejaculated in my rectum he went down on me and ate me out for more than a half hour.

So yes, I'd say he's still supportive of my new sex life.
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26th June 2006

12:23pm: what's up with jealousy anyway?
You know, I got to thinking about how I expected Mike to be jealous and angry with me. But why? Wouldn't you want someone you love to express their sexuality without inhibition?

Why are so many people prone to jealousy? Does it come from fear? Like if you get turned on with someone else, you're going to desert them or something?

I love Mike. He's my special guy, the one I really share myself with. I guess he can tell that, so he knows I'm not going to leave or treat him bad.
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7:45am: wow - another great night
My friend Michelle came over for dinner last night. (I've never had sex with her, although we have kissed and cuddled a few times.) I was still excited about having "come out" to Mike and how well it all went, so we told her the whole story of what happened with Becky last weekend. It turns out Michelle has had some similar experiences herself - she had a sexual relationship with a married couple on and off for a couple years. We talked about sex all through dinner.

Afterwards, we poured some wine and went into the living room to talk. Michelle said, "God, all this talk about sex has gotten me really horny." And then without warning she pulls off her jeans and panties and starts masturbating. Pretty soon we we all on the floor together, with me sucking Mike's cock and Michelle licking my pussy and asshole. It was amazing.

She slept with us, and I fell asleep with two pairs of hands caressing me all over. In the morning, Michelle and I had an incredible 69 - I think we both got off three or four times. Then we took turns screwing Mike until he shot his load.

This is the way to live! I just love it.
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25th June 2006

8:12am: Hi.

My name is Anne, and I started this journal to talk about my sex life. I'm going through some big changes in how I see myself, and I needed some place to talk about it. I'd appreciate some supportive comments, your own experiences, or whatever.

I've started thinking of myself as bisexual. What's weird is that I'm only just now recognizing it. I've had boyfriends on and off since I was 15, and always thought of myself as straight. But I have sex with girls a lot, and just sort of thought it didn't count - like it wasn't real sex or something, just playing around. It was something I never talked about, so it was just like it wasn't really there, you know?

What's changed is that last week I came out to my boyfriend Mike, in a sort of wild way. My friend Becky was over for lunch, and Mike came home from his Psychology class, complaining about a big reading assignment. I went and took a shower. I was feeling really horny, so after the shower I slipped on a little green silk thong and walked out into the living room with nothing else on. Mike was on the couch reading. He gave me a really sweet kiss and felt my boobs a little, but I could tell he was too preoccupied to start anything. He said, "put some clothes on - we have company." I laughed and said, "it's just Becky, she won't mind" and walked into the bedroom where Becky was watching the TV.

I got into bed next to her and we started to cuddle. She was wearing jeans and a flimsly little tank top. "Take off your pants" I said, "They feel really rough on my skin."

"With Mike here?" she asked. "He's busy, and besides, there's no law that says we can't lie around in our underwear. So she pulled her jeans off and tossed them on the floor. We cuddled some more and started kissing. Then - you guessed it - Mike walks in on us. We were tongue-kissing and I had my hands up her top.

"Jesus!" he says, and we both freeze, waiting for him to get angry. He's speechless for a minute, and then says "No, don't stop. I want to watch." He sits down in a chair next to the bed and Becky and I go at it. She's rubbing my ass now, and I put one of my hands in her panties. Suddenly Becky gets up, walks over so she's standing right in front of Mike, and says "are you getting turned on?" He nods and smiles, and she pulls her top off. "Like my tits?"

"They're gorgeous," he says. Then Becky slips her panties off and stands right in front of Mike, her pussy just a few inches from his face.

"You like my pussy?" The poor guy can't even talk now. "Good," she says, "because you're gonna sit here and watch your girlfriend lick it until I get off. She gets back into bed, spreads her legs, looks me right in the eyes and says "Come on Annie, suck my clit. I need it so bad!"

Mike by this time has stripped naked and started stroking his hard-on. I get Becky off with my tongue a couple times, then we start kissing again. She whispers in my ear, "I want to fuck your boyfriend."

"Mike," I said, "Becky wants you to fuck her, and I want to watch you do it." He climbs into bed and I pull of my thong and sit in the chair, and masturbate while the two of them go at it.

It was my first ever threesome, and we all loved it. Somehow doing the two of them at the same time opened me up to seeing myself as bi. Mike has been amazing this week - really supportive, not jealous at all. Maybe it's because guys are always fantasizing about threesomes, and now he got his wish. Heehee. But whatever the reason, he's been really great and affectionate all week.

I feel so free.
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